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Colures is the first and only magazine for the successful, professional, upwardly-mobile woman of colour.

Why Colures? Why now?

During the past three decades, there has been an historical explosion of women of colour graduating from college, entering the work force, and moving up the career ladder.

  • As of 2008, the average earnings of women of colour in the UK exceed those of white women, for the first time in history. That pay gap is now increasing.
  • Between 1980 and 2000, there was a 70% increase in women of colour graduating from college, almost twice the increase for white women during the same period.
  • As many of these women of colour in or entering the workplace are the first generation of woman in their family to have an education and a career, they are keenly motivated to prove themselves,to succeed, and to create an aspirational lifestyle.

The New Woman of Colour

The result of this huge societal phenomenon is that there is now a large population segment of women of colour who…

  • are college-educated
  • are in professional careers
  • are on their way to earning significant salaries,

or already are

  • have significant amounts of disposable income
  • are ardent followers of fashion and style
  • love prestige brands and strive to own them

The New Power Consumers

These women are the power consumers of the 21st century:

  • self-made
  • highly motivated to succeed
  • interested in having the best life has to offer

They are concerned with status, they’re passionate about prestige and luxury brands, and they’ll spend disproportionately to own them.

For an up-market brand, these women can be a powerful engine to bottom-line growth.

Women Love Colures

I am delighted to have found such a well rounded magazine that represents women of colour in such a true light. It not only encapsulates our diverse beauty, but also stimulates our intellect in such a captivating way. Well done and keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more and I will spread the word.

Phyllis Taylor

Colures is the answer to my prayers – a real fashion magazine with insightful arts coverage and gorgeous layouts. Thank you so much! From all the sisters in the States!
Colures Magazine is a work of art and raises people of colour up to a new level. I commend you and your team and congratulate you on behalf of the young ambitious brothers and sisters of the UK.


I am a makeup artist based in NYC. I have just picked up your magazine and I absolutely love it! I am so glad that there is finally a magazine out there for African American woman that love Couture. Your magazine makes it ok for us to like high end fashion, destinations and food. Please keep up the good work!

Joy Fennel

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the launch of Colures magazine. Undoubtedly, this is an absolutely exceptional publication from cover to cover and I applaud you for your vision and fortitude in bringing this magazine to the market. You have raised the bar by creating a true work of art which is visually and editorially appealing. In a word – fabulous and I wish you continued success!


I am a trainee journalist undergoing a fashion journalism degree course which encompasses popular culture, fashion trends and lifestyle. I recently came across the first issue of Colures magazine and realized that there was a God! I have been pining for a magazine that targets Black women but does so in a stylish, classy and professional format. I am extremely pleased with Colures as I was getting frustrated with the limited choice of magazines on the market for Black women.

K. Clement

I am a journalist in New York City.  I discovered Colures magazine during a recent trip to London, and was struck by the interesting articles and beautiful pages. I was so impressed that I blogged about it on my website, The Fashion Bomb.

Claire Sulmers

You have just found another loyal reader who will buy your magazine religiously (and I told half my friends to go buy it already!).

Jennelle Jones

I want to sincerely congratulate and thank whomever is responsible for publishing this immaculate magazine.  I am a 25 year-old interior designer, and I have waited for a publication that truly speaks to my interests and passions.  Colures has flawlessly filled that void.  This magazine is what I've been waiting for.

Amma B. Aning

I absolutely love the magazine.  As a black fashionista, Colures means a lot to me as it's the only inspirational black magazine in the UK.

Arieta Mujay

Thank you for creating such a fantastic magazine, which has filled a void in the magazine industry that has long needed filling!  I have always lived for fashion, however I felt disappointed in the lack of coverage of ethnic models.  Thank you once more.

Faith Oyegun

I happened upon your magazine last year, your first issue. The cover was so gorgeous, and the content didn't disappoint. I have never seen such a beautiful UK magazine that really celebrates the rainbow of African beauty.  Thank you.

Andrea Clarke

Colures: Your Key to the Modern, Powerful Woman of Colour

Colures fills the vacuum in the marketplace, providing this powerful woman of colour with the magazine she’s been waiting for.

  • At last, a magazine in which she sees herself, and the woman she wants to be.

  • At last, a magazine that gives her information on fashion, beauty, home and travel, guiding her in her purchase decisions.

  • At last, a magazine with beautiful photography, intelligent writing, a rich feel and an air of sophistication.

  • At Last… Colures.

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